SRMW Boiler Houses

I started on my SRMW Boiler Houses (part of the roundhouse kits).
Box contents

I sprayed the castings with Halfords red primer and then picked out the details with two Vallejo colours:

Detail colours

I wasn’t happy with the colour of the brick straight from the can so added an orange wash over the top. It would have been wiser to do it before painting the details:

Orange colour

I added a MIG neutral wash. One reason for painting my stone colour so light was that it was going to be weathered down:

MIG neutral wash

Comparison of wall colours

I added an AK winter streaking grime wash over the bottom stones and bricks:

AK interactive wash

I added a few darker mortar lines with a MIG dark wash:

MIG dark wash

And this is the final result:

Painted walls

I did the chimneys too. Yes, one does look wonky!


I glued the walls together with 5 minute epoxy:

Boiler House walls

Boiler Houses

I did the roof on the brick roundhouse boiler house. It still needs weathering:

Boiler Houses

This is the stone roundhouse kit:

Boiler House Roofs

Boiler House Roofs