Yard tracks and scenery

I started working on my steam pipes but have only got this far – getting the instructions out!

Steam pipes

I used black painted paper for the roof and then weathered it with MIG pigments but am not too happy:

Roof 1

I painted it with Vallejo Green Grey but haven’t weathered it again yet:

Roof 2

I laid my four crane tracks. The three to the right entering the turntable are the entry roads and ash track.

Track laid

I tested the relays and they worked and ran a train on and off a few times. Cool!

The view across the turntable looks good:

Across the turntable

I tried both boiler houses. This is the first one:

Narrow boiler house

Narrow boiler house

I prefer the second one:

Square boiler house


Square boiler house

Square boiler house

Square boiler house

The view is starting to look good across the turntable:



I tried a yard panorama on the iPhone but it is a bit unsteady:

Yard panorama

I sieved on some black grout and then added fine and medium Woodland Scenics cinders and a small amount of grey grout.

Dry grout

I dribbled a load of IPA and water followed by dilute white glue on it:

Glued grout

Let’s hope it looks ok when dry.

I put the boiler house in place with clingfilm around it so it is removable.

Yard drying out

That’s all for now!