I finally got home early enough from work to check on my scenery.  I have bumps:


The cork has risen on the seam. I guess I used too much water. Grout is quite fine and water takes a while to sink in so I obviously put too much on…

Big bump

I wouldn’t mind but I have a bumpy track too!

Bumpy track

The bit under the boiler house was still damp (3 days later):

Under the boiler house

These things happen – I usually scenic on plain chipboard or plaster. I cut out the really badly affected bits. The world isn’t flat so no great problem:

Cut out bits

I sprinkled more grout and cinders on and tried again. Better luck this time:

Second time lucky

I also finished off the foam bases for the new prototype section:

Foam upper baseboard

This is the direction of the prototype shot for my AP certificate. Needs a lot of imagination at this point!

Prototype direction