Layout update

I have this list of railroad things to do – mostly to meet Pete Magoun’s challenge to get my MMR by next July’s BOD meeting. It’s looking slim as I keep doing other jobs:

I need to finish this corner off before putting the cranes in before which are being done because I want to write up an article on DCC switching of track power…

This bit looks naff though:

The Gap

You can see it from the hatch as you come up into the loft:

The Gap

I am very bad at clearing track flangeways before ballasting as I find the water and glue just float the ballast around anyway. I therefore go round and with an xacto knife and scrape any stuck ballast out. There was quite a bit as you can see between the back cleared rail and the rest.

Track work

All done:

Cleaned flangeways

The boiler house isn’t glued down yet but I’ve faded the backing fences a bit. I tried using my airbrush but it was clogged. Ten minutes in an ultrasonic cleaner and I’m wondering whether it will have sorted it. In the meanwhile, I used a good old fashioned brush and some watered down Vallejo green/blue/grey. The roof looks a bit light in the scene and the whole area is quite grungy. Loads more faded colour needed.

Boiler House in place

I coloured the rail with some MIG dark wash – the gunky bits at the bottom. It’s a nice dark warm brown.

MIG washed rail

Weathered rail

The view across the turntable is looking better:

Turntable view

I still haven’t finally placed the cranes as I have been putting in the paving and walling in behind. I have some fencing to go in to hide the bottom of the buildings and I also need to ballast the mainline track behind the yard. It’s not easy to reach as it’s a few feet in and quite low with the upper level and loft roof:


I also finished gluing together the remaining part of the scene – the steam pipes.

Steam pipes