I started on this speeder a few years ago. It is the third scratchbuilt item for my NMRA AP motive power certificate. You can use existing trucks but most everything else should be made from basic shapes of styrene or wood.

This is where I had got to:

Progress to date

A box of parts, a small decoder and some started bits of styrene. The plans looked a little squat so I checked and they hadn’t printed out correctly in the vertical direction. I printed them again and restarted (fourth attempt judging by the three already in the box).

I used thin styrene sheets and strips that I had lying around. The speeder us metal with a wood floor. I’m using mostly the original materials although where there is a structural piece of wood, I have used styrene for strength.

Saturday night and I had a pile of styrene shapes:

Styrene pieces

And a few wood pieces too:

Day one

These are the front and back:

Front and back

I’m going to paint the yellow metal pieces together as one assembly, much like the military modellers do. It’s very small though!

Next I built the roof using 2x1mm and 1x1mm strip styrene. I filed the strip down to the curve using the two end pieces as guides.


I used thin styrene, two layers, which easily bent around the formers:

Speeder roof

I added the interior boxes. Here is where I got to by Sunday night:

Day two

Day two

Speeder day two

Speeder day two

I added the control plate for the engine. From the photos, the side looks open. Research needed!

I swapped the figure for a smaller one and even then he head buts the ceiling. Speeders are small and cramped though. The overall height is right but the central box that he sits on us a tad high because of the motor. It is also wider than the equivalent on the prototype speeder.

Speeder interior