Speeder continues

I spent quite a few hours adding details, building bits and generally getting on with the speeder.

I used a woven material for the grill and the wood is there to mock up the heights. I’ve decided that I’ve probably reached as far as I can as I am now onto hand rails and so I’m going to paint this before doing any more work.

Speeder front

Speeder rear

The decoder is glued into the engine compartment and will get painted as if it is part of the engine. A few bits if styrene add to the illusion.

Speeder side

Here he is ready for painting. With hindsight, I should have left the coupler contraption as there are still bits to glue on but I can scrape the paint off.

Speeder for painting

I used Tamiya fine surface primer.

In the meanwhile, I built the grill and started on the handrail. All this brass wire and CA glue seems a tad fragile for every day use.

Grill in progress

I’m aiming to scratch build as much as possible but am wondering about the light lenses. I may raid my Tamiya 1/48 model kits to see if there is anything suitable.