Steam lines

Now that my LEDs have arrived, I got on with finishing the steam line frames.

I drilled out the lampshades provided in the SRMW kits.

Lamp shades

These LEDs are titchy and the wires are as thick as a hair (almost).

I masked the ends off so that they won’t get painted up.

Masked up LEDs

I glued some styrene round strip to act as a bracket. I didn’t think that the steam drop lines were off centre sort was a real fluke that they ended up with four in each direction!

Steam line frames

The frames have all warped when glued which is annoying. I’ve tried bending them bank but don’t want to push my luck and break anything.

I’ve been looking at where they are going to go. The lights are needed to show that the track power is on so they need to be fairly well placed for that.

The first section is reasonably obvious. Four frames to the right of each track, probably behind the cranes.

Steam line placement

The next gap between roundhouses can have a drop line but no frame is needed.

Gap between roundhouses

The rest of the frames are the problem. I don’t have to use them but it feels like a waste not to. The other side if the roundhouse is right next to the car shop.

Potential steam line location

It’s hard to see but there are four tracks on the cork with the car shop on the chipboard behind. They won’t be installed until the car shop is in but at least they’ll be done if I want them.