Speeder painting

Do you ever have one of those days where you wish you just hadn’t bothered?

My airbrush has been playing up for a while. I stripped it, cleaned it in lacquer remover, put it in an ultrasound bath, scrubbed and polished it. I reassembled it and the air came out fine…

So this afternoon, after not doing any modelling for two days on my week off because I’ve been preparing for the NMRA British Region Convention starting tomorrow, I thought I would finally get something done. Nope. I’ve got more yellow paint on my hands than on the model!

I filled my airbrush with some lovely Tamiya yellow – Tamiya is always a good first coat even if the colour is not quite right.

Speeder paints

So now I have an airbrush cup full of paint but nothing comes out… I can eventually get a small splat if I back flow the air and then spray. I thin it to the consistency of water, clean the brush, increase the air pressure. Just that small splat. I try some Vallejo ice yellow instead. I shouldn’t have bothered.

Anyway, I decided that obviously I wasn’t supposed to model today and so I have retreated to working on my Google Sketchup model of the Unionville Depot. I’ve redone the brick lintel 10-12 times so far. I may crack it or I may crack open a bottle of wine. Hopefully both!