On30 module track laying

I finally finished off the legs:

Leg construction

Finished Legs

I then tried putting a couple of sections up on the hard floor of the kitchen. They are very wobbly because there’s no sideways cross support:

No bracing

I spent a lot of time thinking of how to brace legs that are not square to each other. I ended up using ply but I may think about a different method in future:


I also painted the bottom of the piled section with MIG dark wash because it is beneath the water line:


Piled section before


Piled section after

The big next job is the rest of the track laying – mostly turnouts. I’d already done the frog:


I’m thinking about how to do the stretcher bar and to throw the turnout. Still thinking… this is an Ambis kit for a stretcher bar that I will probably use. I used a dremel-alike to shape the throw rails but am still working out how to get them to sit properly. I don’t want to cut the running rail away as the prototype does not so I’ve really cut the thrown rail instead. Let’s see if it works…

Stretcher bar

I did these guide rails as well…

Frog guide rails

On another note, I took this favourite train from my mantelpiece to the Convention but as I forgot to take any photos there, here’s one:

Favourite train