Ground foam factory

I fancied doing something with paint today but nothing too challenging. I decided to slosh it around whilst colouring ground foam for the back hills:

I use a pile of foam that I bought off ebay years ago. I also bought a blender specially for it and a pile of acrylic paints. The result is a bit too big for normal use but will probably be great on the background hills that are more blurry anyway.


The results – a bin bag full. That might seem like a lot but I have background hills around my entire upper level which is 48 foot long. I have already done some hills with commercial ground foam but can’t afford to do the whole background! It’s painted with a bluer green to try and give it distance but I will see what it looks like when it is in place.

The result

Here’s a few more colours I did although they look much brighter in real life.

A few different colours

I put the new signs on Schmidtchen’s – still not sure as they are a tad over long on the right on this photo. On the otherhand, you won’t really see this side:

Still not sure about the sign

I’m not doing the weather vane yet so I can’t knock it off:

Weather vane

I also added MIG washes to some painted bits; blue grey on the steam lines:

Steam lines

Here’s the rusty junk done with dark wash and neutral wash:

Rusty parts

They’re still shiny but will be matt when dry.

On another note, I was really disappointed when looking at my J-2 that I took to the Convention. I’d already glued back the bell wire and one piece that had sprung off in the box I carried it home in. I made up a hose that had disappeared somewhere along the line but this morning I noticed that a footboard has disappeared off the tender. It’s a scratchbuilt styrene one and must have been knocked off at the Convention and no one noticed… I hate redoing work I’ve already done once!