FremOn30 modules

I finished my turnout!

I first tried using this etch to attach the point blades and after a lot of fiddling and soldering I decided that the gap to the stretcher bar wasn’t big enough for this etch as it was 7mm and On30 is nearer 3.5mm.

Stretcher bar etches

I got on with putting in the frog rails:


Then I did the point blades:


I needed to add guard rails or the box cars won’t run through the frog!

Frog and guard rails

The stretcher bar was PCB and I soldered some wire loops over the top of the stretcher bar.  I then drilled a hole through the point blade and soldered another piece of wire in place.  These went through the loops and the wire is slightly flexible allowing for the movement.


Stretcher bar

Stretcher bar

I’m off to Warley (the largest show in the UK) and weathered up some HO and On30 stock for the NMRA stand. I chose these because they look similar.

Stock to weather

This is going to be the loco on my wharf layout (the one in my head that may one day be an exhibition layout but includes several FOS Scale kits including the one with my coffee shop – Execution Rocks)

Dock loco

I used AK Interactive weathering enamels. The first coat always looks awful!

First coat of enamel colours

I then used MIG washes, especially on the cabeese, to bring out the planks and gaps.

MIG washes

MIG washes

After that I used pink chalks very dilute white oil washes to pale the colour a little and to “bleach” the paint slightly.

Nearly there

Weathered caboose


View down the layout

Caboose and shed




I’ve sprayed a little dilute Vallejo pale brown as dust across the bottom and base and will go back and add more washes later. I also rusted the wheels (but haven’t taken photos yet!).