St Juan box car

I started the trucks last week. Let’s just say that they ended up as a set of pieces all neatly laid out but I couldn’t quite get them to fit together. The trucks are Delrin and the normal glues just don’t work.

Fast forward a week and a chat with Brian Tovey last night and it all came together like a dream today. I did lose a couple of springs which I eventually found including the one in my hair.

Here’s the finished articles:

Finished Trucks

Finished Truck

Finished Truck

Finished truck

I was building the trucks so I could hand lay the last 3 pieces of trackwork on my On30 modules but didn’t feel like it – truth be told I hate laying track!

Instead I built the rest of the underframe for the box car as it more fun to build than lay track!

I couldn’t find a couple of right angle pieces so I built them up from scratch.


Finished Underframe

Finished Underframe

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