San Juan continues

I’ve built a lot of kits, including a lot of Tamiya non-rail ones, but I do find these instructions somewhat lacking.  Even the Japanese language instructions for the Transformers were clearer. The brake cylinder needed filing to fit and filing parts always worries me as I assume that I have got something wrong.

Despite that, the underframe is done:


I’ve got some boxes for the interior so I think I’ll leave the doors open:

Box Car interior boxes

I found the grab irons annoying as they had a few drawings for some but nothing for the grab irons.  Frustrating as I got a long way through before I found this little piece:

Grab iron thingy

Even with it, it took a while to work out how to use it to get the right size grab irons to fit in the holes. Nearly there.

Waiting for grab irons

I also managed to tidy the utility room which has been long overdue. I tidied up my paints and put the number and a spot of paint on my 70 odd bottles of Vallejo:

Tidied paint

I must get these boys a base. Their joints have seized up and they appear to be slightly wobbly:

Window sill of MaK

This is my pile of half done projects – sound in a Comet, a Stryker and Bonecrusher diorama and the MaK boys underneath waiting for theirs:

Those pesky unfinished projects

I also have a host of smaller projects waiting such as couplers and a couple of buildings missing a chimney or something:

Smaller projects