My life seems full of deadlines with work, MMR by July and to lay track by Benson; so what did I do? I built a spaceship as I just fancied building one. It’s cobbled together from bits I had lying around and a few Star Wars Quick Kits.

Revell Quick Kits

These are fold down glasses:

The engine cones

Engine cones

A few bits and bobs from my gubbins box.

Bits and bobs

Mum’s old microwave turntable stand:

Microwave turntable

I didn’t like the ice cream tub so built a triangular capsule instead:

Triangular chamber

A plunger on top:

The plunger


And finally a hose adapter. It didn’t look big enough:

With hose adapter

So I added a couple of UFO lamps from a box of junk…

UFO lamp

In place




I sprayed it with Halfords’s matt black spray paint:

Sprayed black

And built a stand:


It looks cool:

Spaceship on stand

Next up – spraying it gold!