Track laying

I hate track laying. I’m not very good at it and I have chosen some really odd track work including a gauge separation turnout, a crossing and a normal turnout. I keep putting it off but do need to do it sooner rather than later as I’m off to Benson on the 11th January and am taking my modules. I was hoping to have the last module’s track laid and wired in but I may need to pull my finger out a bit. I cut some tie plates from sheet styrene, sprayed them black and used a sponge to dab on Life Colour rust coloured paints:

Tie plates

More tie plates

I do have a problem with my rail sizes as my normal track is code 75 but I chose code 125 for my standard gauge track. That means everything is a different heights including my On30 main line which needs to rise to meet the standard gauge track.

Rail sizes

I put in larger tie plates but couldn’t sand them down so ended up piling up the thinner tie plates instead.

Tie plates mark I

The ties came out as different colours because the balsa wood takes on the stain differently to the round wood which came out more orangey. To tie them up I painted them all with a mix of different gouache greys. I like the warm grey best. This is just the base coat:

Painted wood

Painted ties

Painted ties