Modular Madness

Well, I’ve had a stinking cold all week. What’s worse, I’m taking my modules to the NMRA Winter meet at Benson tomorrow. I’ve put off the track laying so much that I’m seriously behind.

Last Friday I soldiered on and finished laying my track.


I still hate it but at least the rails are down. It was a mixed day with the low point being knocking a full bottle if thin super glue over, all over the track and my hand. At least it came off my hand in a day or so…

Glue puddle

Saturday I had Leigh, Rich and Nigel around to play trains. I felt so rough that I left them at Nigel’s and went back to bed.

Sunday was no better so with less than a week to go I still hadn’t wired in my last two modules.

Monday night I managed half an hour when I got back from work. I mostly painted the track to cover the glue… I used warm grey Gouache and then a coat of Mig Aged Wood wash.

Painted track

Tuesday I tried to rewire my end connectors as I realised I had them on back to front on my first three modules… After struggling to get them apart and then soldering back on the wrong way round, I quit for the evening.

Wednesday I finally wired the last few bits up and sorted the connectors. I put the modules up, cleaned my track and the Davenport failed on every point.

Thursday morning, before 7 and leaving for work I test ran again and resoldered a connector. On frog now working. I found a few missing or miswired feeders…

After work I glued some grass down because the day before I had agreed to step in and do a scenery demo… Then I sorted out the packing for the demo. I sorted one more frog short.

Friday I tried to get away from work early and was only 20 minutes later than planned. I am now not coughing so badly and am beginning to feel vaguely human… I fixed the last few shorts and piled everything up! I think I’m ready to go.

If anyone is at the NMRA show at Benson tomorrow then please don’t look at my wiring!

Final track work

I cut the end carry boards down as they were a struggle to get in the car last time and put in a shelf to hold the upper module to avoid it dropping into the one below. I also cut a hole in one because my hut roof sticks over the edge of the module. Doh!

I decided to keep both modules the right way up as it puts less strain on anything that is glued. My legs bolt together two halves so they also fit in the car…

Packed and ready to go

Let’s hope it all works tomorrow!