Modules at Benson

I had a great day today at the NMRA meet at Benson. I do wish I had taken at least one photo! I took the modules but I have to say my track work needs improving! It was great to have Steve Dennison give me dome much needed advice:

My wing rails are too short and twisting easily. I will extend them.

Likewise my frogs need more support.

My guard rails are too close and Nigel’s porter refused to run through them.

I’m missing a guard rail on the dual gauge separation turnout.

I am going to change the point blades and guard rails to look more like the Argent.

I also did a clinic on grass scenery and it was going well until I realised that my airbrush with a full cup of paint was clogged… I didn’t unclog it but the audience was very generous as I leaked and splattered paint everywhere!

It was a great show and a Robin and Michael did an excellent job organising it.

I am embarrassed enough now that my next invite in April will need complete modules with scenery!