On30 modules scenery

I relaid my trackwork but first I had to get rid of a ski slope which uncoupled all my trains at the end of one module. With a few bolts and braces I forced the glued piece of ply up and then a judicious hammer tap helped. I was worried about the shed at one end and what any serious bashing would do:


I’ve ended up with a bit to fill:

The new level

And then I broke my spiking pliers! I was trying to get the spikes out and obviously the pliers didn’t like it. I struggled to spike with normal pliers as I get the spikes in wonkier than normal.

The broken cutters

This is what I am basing my turnouts on. Note the small throw across switch blades rather than the longer switch blades that would be more normal. This is more light logging:


I removed the old centres of the turnouts and relaid them.


Track laying

They look a lot more like the prototype now and the longer wing rails will help with running:

Point blades

Point blades

A rather blurry guard rail on the big track:

Guard rail

I used Lifecolour dark rust shadow as the rail paint:

Painted rail

I added a wodge of glue on that gap:

Gap filling

This is going to be a junkyard and here are a few of my Tamiya kits that need building…

The Junkyard

I wanted to put my jeep splashing into the water here but it will be above the water line for the swamp so I’ll have to put it on the swamp module instead which I wanted to avoid. More thinking needed:


I mixed up some beige and brown grout:

Grout mix

Added some chinchilla dusting powder and Woodland Scenics earth mix:

Chinchilla powder

And sprinkled it everywhere:

First layer


first layer

first layer

I used diluted IPA and diluted white glue:



More glue:

glue layer

And when it’s dry:





grout layer

The Silflor mat is all I have for all the modules so I’m eking it out:


Here’s the edge of the grass I did for the scenery clinic:


I’ve been soaking moss in glycerine and then drying it for use in the scenery. I need to dry out a bit more and I’m done:



Curing moss