Friday 21st February – airplanes

Up for another 24 hours of travelling.

Snow in Chicago:


I left the hotel at 9:15 central time and saw a BNSF train on the way to the airport. After a long struggle through security, guess what, all the flights were delayed again. I managed to get a standby ticket on the 11am flight (rather than 12:05) which was already delayed by half an hour.

The toilets in Chicago give a nifty moving automatic plastic toilet seat cover:


To cut a long story short, it was good that I did as the first flight was cancelled. Eventually, we got on the flight, taxied out and then came back to the gate and deplaned. A few hours later we tried again and eventually got out at 4:30. I was already scheduled to miss my Newark connection which was showing on time when we left.

Arriving into New York. I could see the Empire State and Statue Of Liberty (saw her on the way out too) but good luck to spotting them on the photo:


As we arrived, the guy I was sitting next to checked and it was 1.5 hours late too. Good thing as I got in at 7:30pm and the flight was due out at 7:05!

We were waiting for a pilot for an hour and eventually got out at 10:30. The flight was 6 hours so by the time I watched a movie, had supper and breakfast, there was little time to try to sleep.