Thursday 20th February – on the way home – or not

Biscuits and gravy for breakfast (weird; it’s scones covered with a white sauce with bits of meat in). The bacon was good though; sweet and hickory smoked. Then chilled watching Stephen working on decoders and just chin wagging. Set off for the airport around 11:30.

My first flight to Chicago was delayed by 2 hours and then diverted to Peoria as there was poor visibility and low level winds. It was turbulent!

Leaving Kansas City:


The edge of the storm front:


We refuelled and, quite a while later (2 hours), tried for Chicago again. However, we were still on the ground in Peoria when my connection to Frankfurt was due to take off…


My only food (a butterfinger bar which I was going to try) was in my carry on, which was checked plane side, ie most carry on bags are taken and returned at the gates.

At least my suitcase was still on the plane at that point.

Chicago by night:


Arrived at Chicago 2 hours after my connection left and there were no spaces out that night. A very kind gentleman lent me his phone in the customer service queue as mine has a UK SIM and is £1 a minute. I saved £50 on hold to the airline and hotel bookings and still was nowhere near the front of the queue. I wasbooked on the 12:05 via Newark to Birmingham getting in at 7:10am on Satuday. Good thing I had a few days in hand before going back to work. Ironic as I couldn’t afford the Newark flight when I booked. Stayed at the Springhill Suites, yes, I had a suite but I have to pay and reclaim on insurance.


Washed my undies. I had a spare t-shirt but no toiletries in my carry on. Worrying whether my luggage will make it with me. I should have put a bigger notice with my phone number in it. I just have a train business card which looks like Optimus Prime from one side. Lesson learnt; label case well inside and out.

Could I work out how to turn these lights on?


Ate my butterfinger for tea. First food since 9:30 that morning – 12 hours later. Hotel was noisy but slept well.