Back on the Speeder

I’ve a deadline for the speeder being judged at Weston – the last weekend in April which is only 6 weeks away.  Time to get on with it!

This is where I had got to before being diverted by my trip to the States:

The progress so far

I’d taken this to Leigh’s before Christmas and everyone commented how bad it looked so I have taken the radiator off and started again:

The Front - to be redone

I have got O scale couplers which are much more in keeping with what I needed:


Coupler comparison

I built a styrene coupler pocket to match the pictures:

Coupler pocket

Coupler pocket

I took the masking tape off windows and they had leaked!

Paint leaks

I cleaned the paint off with a cocktail stick but did crack one pane. Very hard to get in and fix and I’m not sure it is that noticeable:

Cleaned and cracked

I’m not happy with the wood stained with A&I. It is a very dark base and the wood in the photos looks much more bleached.

Dark wood

I painted the wood with a mix of Vallejo colours:

Painted pale

I then used a dilute black cadmium red paint to add some faded and worn paint:

Faded red

This is where I’ve got to:

Where I've got to

The roof has had a lick of paint:

Roof painted

And the coupler pocket painted:

Painted pockets