O Scale Switcher

I needed a switcher to show that my dual gauge turnout and crossing work:


I had to update the wheels to some NWSL narrower treads and chip it. I replaced the bulb with an LED but it comes on the wrong way round so I will have to resolder a wire or two. It runs ok but not very slowly. I need to tweak the decoder a little.

I need some way to keep my turnouts thrown and someone suggested over centre switches. I made some up but they don’t stay vertical enough to throw the switches.

Over centre springs

As the switch blades are fairly stiff and stay thrown by themselves, I am contemplating doing nothing at the moment. The frogs are sorted by the frog juicers so it is just some mechanical closing that is needed.

My moss has faded so that needs spraying a nice varied green:


I’m doing a “grass” clinic at Weston so I’m hoping to get the rest of the grass done then if not before…