Race to get the speeder finished

I’m supposedly getting this judged at Weston in three weeks… still working on it and loads to do!

This is where I had got to:

Progress so far

I spent some time scratch building the details as this is supposed to be a scratchbuilt loco. I used basic styrene rod turned in my drill and took it from this:

From this

To this – a lamp:

To this

I still need to do some work on the bell (top right) and the tops of the lights (top left):

Lights and bell

I “painted” them with a silver Sharpie:

Silvered lights

Fully silvered

And added lens from a Tamiya staff car and the Stryker (for the rear painted with Tamiya clear red). I’m using very small (1.4mm by 1mm) LEDs which are thankfully pre-wired with incredibly fine wire:

Lights and lens

I painted my wood a few weeks ago and in a moment of confusion put the wrong bits in place so painted some more:

More wood

Then I fitted the wood in:

Wood in place

Side wood

Progress so far:


I needed decals for a stencil but couldn’t find any decent sized ones. In the end I used these from my Stryker:


And in place:

Front with decals

The interior is slowly getting painted and the wood floor is in:

Side view

This is what the prototype interior controls look like:

Prototype interior

And this is my version:



I painted up the coupler a little but it still needs more work:

Rusted coupler

And this is where I ended up today:

End of day

And this is what is left to do:

Finish painting interior details
Remaining hand rails
Coupler rail.
Scratchbuild horns
Scratch build roof detail.
Paint all end items black
Paint hand grabs
Wire lights in
Wood pilots.
Attach hand rails etc
Write up AP paperwork.