Speeder update

I know I haven’t posted for a while – I have been busy.  It’s spring and I’ve been decluttering and trying to clear out my house a little.

Unfortunately, I still had to finish my speeder for Weston as I’m hoping to get it judged there. I’ve had a few hours every day at most but managed to get there in the end. I bent some hand rails out of brass wire and soldered the parts together. Bending it was fun as was soldering when you’ve bent stuff into 3 dimensions:

Hand rails

I then added all the bits onto it: bell, horns, grills, exhaust pipes, roof thingy (no idea what it is!), boxes, clutter, seats, pipes etc.

All the bits on

I added the front pilot.

Front board

And it all came together:

Nearly done


Finished 1

Finished 2

Finished 3

Finished 4

Finished 5

Finished 6

Finished 7

Just need to glue the driver in:

Finished interior

Finished Interior 2