Scores breakdown

I was asked what my scores breakdown was for the judging.

This is my speeder scoresheet:

Speeder scores

Judges commented that I should have weathered the paintwork a bit more which I did mean to do but was just so glad to get it finished that I forgot! Also, he’s not sitting level on the truck because I’ve had him on and off all weekend as he’s decided not to run well. He’ll run for a bit and then stop. Saturday he only ran backwards. Gear problems I think. I had levelled him out but as soon as the judges picked him up, he’d have slipped slightly. I’ll glue him if and when I get it sorted.

The track work was all on one sheet:

Track score sheet

Judges comments on the failed crossing were that they didn’t like some of the construction. It scored 75 in total.

Crossing from above

The running rails in the crossing at top and left are wonky. I should have apparently built the entire thing and then slit the electrical gaps but I did each piece individually.

Crossing side view

I think I will need to resolder but it’s sat on styrene tie plates with styrene NBWs too. Not a good mix, never mind the ballast and glue in the mix.

They also didn’t like the frog electrical gap – too big a gap and drop:

Frog gap

They also didn’t like these transition drops. I may try filing them more level as the other side is fine.

Transition rail

It’s annoying as I just don’t have time set aside to model for a while. However, I do have a detailed list of what I need to do to raise the score.

I believe that the difference between a good modeller and an average one is the willingness to redo things!