AP update

A couple of people have asked where I am so here’s a brief update. After some judicious wrenching and bashing, my crossing passed on its rejudge. Thank goodness. It scraped its merit award but it got there!

I’m now pulling my paperwork together. No mean feat. Most items have been judged at a contest but a few of the structures haven’t so I need to write them up. Life keeps getting in the way but once they are done, I will send a lovely packet to Steve, our AP Chair, for approval.

That will hopefully be motive power, structures and civil engineering to add to my author, volunteer and electrical. Official will hopefully come in the summer once I have finished a full year as Atlantic Director.

It’s been a really long slog this year as I have so many non-railroading demands on my time. I haven’t really wanted to be modelling which has made it doubly hard as I normally have a break in the spring to do the garden. After 10 years in my house though, it’s finally getting some DIY and boy, does it need it!

I’m therefore taking a sabbatical from modelling whilst I tidy, clean and decorate through a couple of rooms. I do have a number of projects to finish though and I keep getting threats from visitors that they may want to see my layout. Poor Steve had to climb over a mountain of debris cleared out from my dining room and just shoved up my loft. I will confess that my trains have not run in a long while and I do wonder if I am the only one for whom tidying seems to be just moving rubbish from one room to another…

Don’t worry, I’ll be back modelling after all the inspiration from my trip to the US in the summer.