Day 1 – Flying in to Portland

It’s the July NMRA National Convention in Cleveland and I need to be there for the Board Meetings so I took the opportunity to go somewhere new for a few days beforehand. I persuaded my friend Nigel to come with me. I love New England and we looked at Nova Scotia but it was much more expensive to fly. We ended up with Portland, Maine. We’re going to Portland, Oregon next year so it seemed fitting to do this Portland this year.

We left on the 9am flight, Saturday 5th July, from Birmingham via Newark. The flights went well and because you can leave your phone on for internal flights, I took a few photos of the flight. We did see Manhattan, the new World Trade Center building and statue of Liberty on the way in to Newark.

We had a prop plane on the route to Maine and the coast was beautiful:

Maine coast

This is Casco Bay:

Casco Bay

This is Portland as you fly up along the front:

Portland from the air

The plane was vibrating and I was glad to get on the Tarmac!

We picked up a hire car and drove over to the flat. Thankfully it was still daylight and Tom, the sat nav, is very helpful.

We’re in the ground floor:

Our flat

The flat is nice and spacious:

Our flat

And the bed is comfy!

My bed

We walked down to the front and along. There were loads of restaurants one road back but we stopped for a quick veggie burger across from the wharfs.

View from Elevation Burger

It was the 4th July fireworks (delayed by a day due to hurricane Arthur) but they were the other end of town. We heard them but didn’t see them!

There were fireworks all night so I slept lightly.