Day 12 – Age of Steam Roundhouse

This was the most popular tour of the Convention with 250 people taking the opportunity to visit a new Roundhouse! Unfortunately, no photos of the tour can be published but it was excellent.

We went through Dutch Valley:

Dutch Valley

We had lunch at an Amish restaurant:

Amish Lunch

I sat by the chocolate cream pie, mmmm gorgeous.

Chocolate Cream Pie

We went on to the Warther Museum. He carved railroad engines from Ivory and ebony. He was a gifted man!


Warther carved engine

Warther carved engine

Warther carved engine

Warther carved engine

He carved the Lincoln funeral train:

Warther carved Lincoln funeral train


Warther carved engine

Dinner was in the hotel with two fellow directors, Pete and Fred, before attending the annual meeting. Charlie, the President, spoke about progress and work to date as well as answering questions.

Annual meeting