Day 15 – New Haven in Ohio

Saturday was spent visiting Peter Ness, another fellow New Haven modeller, who I first met in Hertford in 2009.

Peter is working on a layout starting in Boston with South Station. He’s laid the first section and the throat track work is beautiful. I got to run up and down it.

Boston South Station

Peter’s also done some great prototype models.

Me and Peter Ness

He kindly picked me up and drove me 55 miles to his home, entertained me and drove me home. His wife, Cheryl, has a wonderful garden that reminds me of the UK.

Back in Cleveland, I got dressed up for the banquet. I couldn’t compete with Tim Warris though!

Tim Warris

Bob Amsler:

Bob Amsler

Gerry Leone:

Gerry Leone

Charlie’s opening remarks:

Charlie's remarks

The Convention Host Committee co-Chairs, Jerry Kreuger and Chuck Klein:

Jerry Kreuger and Chuck Klein

I was really pleased to see a whole of host of friends get awards (sorry for the crummy photos).

Ray deBliek and Ed Slintak:

Ray deBliek and Ed Slintak

Tom and Debbie Draper:

Tom Draper

Debbie and Monroe Stewart:

Debbie and Monroe Stewart

Frank Koch:

Frank Koch

Bob Amsler:

Bob Amsler

Clark Kooning – an Honorary Life Member:

Clark Kooning

This is what dinner looked like:


The after dinner speech was given by the architect who designed the Age of Steam Roundhouse.