Day 8 – National BOD meeting

I spent the day in the BOD meeting. We covered a lot of business and finished in one day which was great. The formal report will come out but we got through the agenda leaving tomorrow for the International Committee meeting.

BOD meeting

BOD meeting

Dinner was at a steak house (although I sent my first steak back – I’ve never seen rare look so brown!) and off to Charlie’s suite for Board and Officers’ reception.

Ran in to Steve Dennison, one of the UK contingent, in the lift and spent ages catching up on his amazing trip so far. It promises to be a great convention.

On a personal note, Frank Koch, Assistant AP Chair, stood up before the Board Meeting and awarded my three AP certificates. Once then had called the meeting to order, he stood up again and awarded my final Official certificate and then my MMR. Thanks to everyone who helped me on that journey – it’s hard to believe that I’ve finally arrived!

Receiving my MMR