Freight crates – the Finale

I love these!

I finished them off last night and this morning.

They come with little glue scrapers to get any excess glue off. So clever:

Glue scrapers

So I took my dusty coaches down and got out a make up brush to dust them off:

Dusty coaches

The crates come with laser cut bubble wrap:


Place your coach on top:

Coach on crate

And you just slide your coaches or box cars down. They are snug but not overly so to avoid rattling:


Wrap the bubble wrap on top:

Coach in place

Repeat 7 more times:

Full box

They are stackable so here is 16 coaches neatly stored away:

The finished crate

I bought 90′ crates as my coaches are the worst items gathering dust but they will also fit a 40′ and 50′ box car which will be useful. I really want to put my On30 in these as I take them to shows. Tim is doing On30 crates later this year so that might be my Christmas present to myself.

The lock is great (top tip: put the box on a flat surface or you’ll take far longer to do/undo) but not easy to work out at first. A Chinese puzzle box comes to mind – incredibly simple when you know how! Sitting on Tim’s stand at the National Train Show last week (as a weary shopper – I’m not affiliated in anyway), it was fun to watch people work out, or not, how to get into them.