Clearing the decks

I am splitting my time between tidying, modelling and DIY. Unfortunately, my loft is like an oven so I am clearing out my unfinished projects from the utility. I need the space!


Apologies for all those wanting railroads. First up is the diorama base for my Maschinen Krieger men and machines. I had got as far as a basic idea, cut a base and a bit of aluminium grill and bought some steel rod.

I’ve been soldering some brass Ls bought at last year’s Convention plus some PCB strip to stiffen the grill. It will have to hold a machine!

Base for the top gantry:

Top gantry

The main gantry, underneath:

Main gantry


Main gantry

Next up is the space frame of straws and joiners. I had already built a large section:

Space frame

I epoxied it on to the base and have started adding the extra rows, one at a time. It’s easier to join them all up with white glue and then epoxy the white balls to the gantry framework whilst the glue is still setting.

Space frame

Upper space frame

I bought this Lego space needle ages ago to use as an aerial so it will go on the upper gantry along with the MaK men. I obviously won’t include the piece saying it is the space needle!

Lego space needle

The whole lot is going to be painted faded yellow so it will all blend in, I hope.