The base is rising

I have the diorama gantries nearly done. I epoxied some uprights on to screws which were screwed through the base.


The cards are old business cards from when they changed my job title. They are very useful for mixing epoxy too. I also use train tickets as I use to have 10-20 a week.  I used them here to keep my squares from sitting in the epoxy which oozed out the bottom.

Business cards

The good news is that epoxy scrapes off granite work surfaces!

I finished off the lower gantry and snipped off all the straws in line with the base:

Lower gantry

One of my MaK boys will be sat on it:

The boys on the gantry

The nearest one us stuck in the looking up position so he’ll be under the gantry looking at the men hanging down from above.  

I waited to do the rest of the upper gantry until I saw how many of the straw connectors I had left. It’s simpler than the lower gantry because I want to finish it!

Upper gantry