I can’t count

I tried putting on my wheels… I had 3 of one type and 4 of another. That’s 7 wheels, one of which should be a spare… But it was the wrong 3 and I was missing a back wheel with no spare parts to make one up… I thought I’d over-weathered them so was wasn’t too keen on them…

Old wheels

Thankfully, you can buy new resin replacement wheels so £25 later I painted up the new ones.

New wheels

To the right is the bottom of the latest vehicle – a Ford that’s going to be flipped by bonecrusher.

I finished building it, painted it with Halfords rattle black, then a coat of Humbrol Glosscote and then a coat of Humbrol gloss black. I would have used Tamiya but was out of gloss black and so was the shop. It’s odd spraying with enamels after so much acrylic.

Forgot to take some photos…