Now my Ipad is back on form again, I’ve uploaded those pictures. I’m actually catching up on some work today so no more modelling this weekend but it’s starting to come together.

I started with some taut(ish) fishing line stretched across an old cardboard box:

Fishing line

I dribbled epoxy down it – around 3 coats:

With epoxy

It creates a string with nobbles, some better than others:

End result

I cut the strings up, cutting the balls in half to create flat mounting plates for the icicles:

Cutting up

I glued them on:

In situ

There will be a mass on the antenna and I will use the Glue n Glaze that I glued them on with to build up some more ice.  It dries clear unlike a lot of white glues that have fillers:

In situ

Each ball will have a drip or an icicle:


I’ve a lot more to do but am busing writing expenses policies instead 🙁 Then it’s cash flow again 🙁 🙁