I’m beginning to hate modelling

I’m sat here hating modelling. I’m trying to assemble my finished truck. It all test fit fine but now it won’t assemble. So far I’ve broken off the wing mirrors, running boards, cracked the windows, broken both arms and a hand off the driver, and it still won’t sit without the top popping off.

This just seems the norm now. I broke about 10 items off my Stryker adding the last few items. Ditto bonecrusher. Then I’d find the wheels wrong a year ago. I spend ages doing everything meticulously and by the end so much is glued back on with such giant gobs of glue that I wonder why I even bother.

This is my last weekend to model before I clear stuff out for my decorator so I wanted to finish…

Well, I’m going back to see if I can get this truck to finally stay in one piece but I’m really wondering why I model. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed it at all this year. The MMR was just pressure I could have done without. Now I’m sat here looking at all my half done projects wondering when. Modelling takes time and I just don’t seem to have much. When I do, I don’t really want to model. I did enjoy pottering this morning but didn’t actually do much modelling. And what is up with ios8’s new keyboard. It keeps typing gibberish!

I’m sure it’s only a phase but it’s a nine month one…

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