Bonecrusher base

I tidied out my utility last week as it’s getting repainted and found a bonecrusher wheel. Guess I did build the right number 18 months ago!

I haven’t taken a lot of photos of the base but here’s where I am:

This is the freeway where the battle takes place in the movie. It was before the freeway was opened.

Freeway 210

Freeway 210

Freeway 210

I used a bit of my old desk sprayed black with a few layers of plaster of paris. I built some moulds for the central reservation barrier out of styrene and cast the pieces. I then sanded flat, chipped the edges and cursed as the desk base warped. A week of drying and a couple of bricks later I glued on the barrier. I painted with black spray paint the scratched the concrete expansion gaps in.

Concrete sections

I used a scratch tool for the concrete forms:

Scratch tool

Scratched road

I then painted it with Tamiya then Vallejo paints:



I used a Mig cool grey wash, sanded it back a bit and used white oils to knock it back a bit more. I also used orange to warm up the bottom of the barrier as per the photo:

White oil coat