Modelling mojo

It may have been obvious that I’ve lost my modelling mojo recently so when I saw this article in the NMRA BR e-news, I thought, just what I need, a kick on the backside!

Structure Challenge

It’s a structure challenge, starting on the 1st December and ending at the end of February next year. Three months to build something and record the build on the NMRA BR forum.

I went up my loft as I had a sneaky idea what I wanted to build but wanted to see what the gaps were. To be honest, there are more gaps than structures on my layout at the moment!

I did declare that November would be “Love my layout” month. It needs it.

The view as you come up my loft ladder:

View from the loft ladder

The far side is a bit clearer:

View from loft ladder

Who am I kidding!

Anyway, I looked around and I could do my City Classics diner for the city street scene:

Diner location

Or above it, my Rugg Manufacturing section, one of the places I have visited the prototype and am going to have as a permanent feature on the layout.

Rugg location

Or perhaps my prototype structure for that AP certificate although I have already spent a lot (and I mean days of my life) of time on it on the computer and gone nowhere at all. One to revisit but not by February next year!

Prototype structure

I did wonder about the coaling tower as it is a glaring hole in my steam servicing yard:

Coal tower

As I look around the layout there are so many more structures I could mention… Well if it was finished, what would I do?

The one section I was itching to do is still there. I have decided to do areas with multiple dioramas so I can swap even more into my limited space. One section gas three diorama bases built ready to pop in along the top. They will each have kit bashes of several South River Modelworks kits. I have a pile and need to get on with building them. They are lovely kits and one of the dioramas uses two early ones.

This is the location on the layout:

Diorama location

Diorama location

There are three potential kits with that level of river water drop (they all have to have the same scenic base to fit in the one location. O

These are three options but I would swap the extensions and add-ons around. This is one:

One option

This is the one I am going to choose. It’s a mix of Treadwell and Ware Knitters.

Treadwell and Ware Knitters

Treadwell was Bob’s second kit from 1989. That’s 25 years’ old!

Ware Knitters was Bob Van Gelder’s 4th kit and is 23 years’ old:

Both are beautiful kits and I am combining them because they have the same stone work courses. Ware Knitters and Treadwell are quite small so this gives a larger mill complex.

I dug out the base. The competition says that you can’t have started the structures yet, which I haven’t but I did build all three diorama bases several years ago to ensure that they fitted in the layout spot. For those of you with long memories, 4 years ago I posted this blog post.

Diorama base

I glued on the base plans as per instructions but the glue melted the foam, ho hum.

Melted foam

Yes, that is my incredibly clean kitchen that was tidied before I went on holiday. It got a lick of paint whilst I was off.

I will post some photos of my trips on trains in China. They were interesting to say the least so here’s a taster:

Overnight hard couch sleepers…

Chinese sleeper train

Yes, they are three bunks high! This is me on the top bunk:

Upper bunk

We did get a bullet train too which got up to 304km/h.

Bullet train