Jigsaw Puzzle

I spent quite a few hours at the weekend scratching my head over fitting the buildings and canals on my dioramas. I have 3 and wanted to use the same fascia for each which means that the canals and water as well as the scenery need to fall with the same profile. I also had missed that there was an addendum to the Threadwell base plan which means it is 1/2 inch too short and I’d never really had enough clearance for the covered stair well on the side. I’d missed a back loading dock and really didn’t have enough room for a box car on the spur.

I got the other boxes and diorama bases down:

Other boxes and bases

I scratched my head a lot and remembered that I had spare copies of the base plan in the loft.

I took the base upstairs and drew in the siding:

Aerial view

Diorama base on layout

I checked all the rest of the fit. The cling film is because I was debating putting some sculptamold on. I decided to leave that!

Diorama base

All in all, I had to move the buildings and canal edge around 1.5 inches to accommodate the loading dock and spur. That’s a hefty amount to be out! I also shunted it several inches down.

The loading dock wraps around the back of the two kit buildings but as I’m swapping the smaller building for Ware Knitters, I think I will wrap the loading dock along so that it reaches the door on the brick extension. Currently there’s an earth ramp up:

Ware ramp

Ware plan

I finally broke out the canal castings and tried fitting them in place. The dam will need cutting down but it should all work… should.