Getting going again

I’ve had the dawning realisation that there are quite a few visitors coming over from the States next year and one or two may even want to see my layout. I suspect they would be a little disappointed at the moment so I was spurred on to give it more of a gloss of finish.

I have patches of layout which need scenery and a fair few structures to build. The structures will come as they come but in the meanwhile, I’m getting going on the remaining scenery, mostly hills, grass and bush areas and the port.

Here’s the first few inches of grass:


I smeared on glue and being lazy, I glooped White glue out the bottle and used a plastic spreader. Easy. I used a mix of Woodland Scenics and Noch grass out of a Noch grassmaster. I hoovered it whilst the glue was still wet. This is the morning after:

Morning after

I’ve quite a sweep more to do:

More grass

And more:

And more

I bought a box of OO and a box of N scale trees at Warley plus some more forest in a box and small leaves to spruce them up. The aim is to have bushes and trees as well as grass but they just get in the way when applying static grass.

There’s a huge hole into the side of the chimney where those cardboard bixes are that I need to think about. Scrunched up newspaper and plaster roll due on next. I will probably use my home made ground foam big pieces for a textured tree like effect in the distance with normal N trees nearer the front. Forced perspective at work.