Finally loving my layout

I managed an afternoon up my layout with a delightful interruption from Stephen Priest and family on Facetime. It’s amazing how much he has done on his layout since I stayed in February and it is looking really good!

I decided to put the hill in the corner before going any further. My cunning plan was to use scrunched up newspaper and plaster bandage to do the hill form and then to cover it with ground foam.

Corner materials

I had a number of boxes to pad up the corner.

boxes underneath

I had fun scrunching up 3 free newspapers and throwing in the corner.

scrunched up newspaper

From across the way it fills in the corner.

hills in the distance

Rather than wet the bandage first I put it in place dry as it was cleaner.

Modroc covered hill

I then had great fun squirting water all over it.

Squirting water

Thankfully it sets up fairly quick.


I diluted some Hooker’s Green acrylic paint and brushed over the white hill. It looks much better than before.

Painted hill

I used some homemade ground foam to cover the hill. I did have a bit of slumpage when I sprayed the foam and put on the diluted white foam. I’m letting the first lot dry off and then I’ll put some more glue on.

Ground foam in place

I bought some N and OO scale trees at Warley so here’s one gap which I needed to fill as the background hill ends.

No tree

This tree was a bit tall.

First tree

This one’s a bit dark but a better size. I’ll wait to see what happens next to it before finally deciding.

Better tree

And a final shot of the almost finished hill as you enter the loft. There will be trees and bushes in front which will mask the background hills so they recede.

View now

2 thoughts on “Finally loving my layout”

  1. Kathy,
    Looks good. On your hillside mountain area however I would vary the green a lot more. You may have planned on doing this…but I thought I would give my two cents anyway. These photos are from a friend of mine showing his layout can’t seen to leave them here so I will post them on Facebook for you.
    WR Jon

  2. Jon
    You are so right. It is nagging me that’s not quite there yet. The lower run really bugs me in both the texture and the colour. I will have fun throwing some ground foam around and re-gluing it down.

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