Another day pottering on the layout

Well I started the day, after church, by looking at cameras, unsuccessfully. My Canon G10 broke in China and I decided to get another one. My iphone was great in China – it GPS tags and takes great photos and it is always with me… but for model photography it’s ok but not as great as perhaps I need. I have a stack of dioramas to photograph and need to beef up my camera.

I want a camera to do everything (well I am a woman), model railways, landscapes and people. My first thought is that I don’t want a full DSLR as it is so big and heavy so I won’t get it out on holiday. I looked at bridge camera but then decided maybe a compact system camera would be better. Lightweight and you can swap the lens out. After much googling, the Panasonic Lumix GF6 is near the top for its wifi ability and it does NFC (still wondering about how to use that) but it isn’t that great for macros apparently. Not sure what I think now.

Anyway, after that I went up the loft and finished gluing the hill up and put in some more grass. I extended it along the rest of the backdrop but am not too sure about the colours.

In this section the grass and background hills work fine. After I paint and ballast the track, I am going to put a load of trees in front so the branch line disappears behind them. It will make the corner hill recede.

Final grass

However, when it gets narrower and there is a backdrop behind, it just looks wrong. I think the backdrop is too dark so I’m wondering about spraying it with a bit of white haze.  Difficult to do evenly with an airbrush though so I’m nervous about messing it up.  The gap between the two backdrops is also showing.  It’s a winter/summer thing as the loft grows and shrinks with the heat and humidity.

Hills and grass

Further up there will be trees and stuff in the way but you’ll still see it in the gaps.


It at least fills in a gap for now. I need to think about what I do but I will add more depth with the scenery and keep stirring the grey cells about what to do.

Background verge

Across the loft it looks good.  I want to ditch the air conditioner.  It is so big and in the way and struggles to cool a loft in the middle of summer.  I’d like to find a better air conditioner solution but they’re expensive.

Distant hills

The British Region structure challenge starts tomorrow so I’ll be off doing that next.