New camera

Well, you’d expect a post about a new camera to have loads of photos in it…

I bought a Samsung NX300 in brown on the Cyber Monday sale direct from Samsung. Really good price! It arrived next day and takes NICE photos. I got my whole pier more or less in focus on both an aperture setting at f22 but also a smart setting which lets you choose how much depth of field you want from no focus to really sharp. It’s lovely. But. It won’t log onto the wifi properly. It will log on and go on to websites such as Picasa (although Google blocked it. Go figure) so that’s good. It won’t do autoshare or mobile link or any of the other trendy features.

I did a firmware upgrade but still no joy. I’ll see what Samsung support say but this particular model is now temporarily out of stock (I got the last one).

Why is nothing ever as easy as it should be?

I did manage to get the email working so here’s a couple of really quick photos to show it off.

New camera

New camera

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  1. Sounds like my world on a regular basis Kethy ! Cyber space and me are of different worlds to say the least. !!

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