Joints and painting

I started off Sunday afternoon by gluing Ware together.

Ware assembled

I wasn’t too happy with the joints so I added more putty. Bob’s instructions recommend filling every other one as well as the joint, which I did. I’m still not uber happy with the result.


I assembled the annex but didn’t attach it to the main building as it seemed a bit unwieldy for painting. You can see the refilled joints look a little better.

Test fitting

I sprayed a light White Halfords primer coat on the buildings as the grey is a bit dark.  Still not sure about those joints.

Light v dark grey

Then it was on to painting. The key tools are a reference photo, paint and brushes/sponges.

Painting tools

The first coat was a quick splodge of Tamiya wooden deck tan. It masks the joints a bit.

Joint after painting

This has not been a great joint. For a start the annex building is U-shaped which is stressy on joints but the base is not even either as two walls sit on the higher canal walls. I added some wood braces and disused the joint with superphatic glue. Next morning it was rock solid.

Problem joint

I left the canal walls dark grey underneath for some variety.

Splodged wall

Here’s what the wall looks like dry on Monday morning.