More stone painting

I managed to get quite a few more layers of paint on the walls and also went over to see Robin’s layout. He’s modelling 2010 Seattle and it looks really good.

I used some more splodged layers and then some lighter layers of these colours:


First up was some Iraqi Sand splodged on.

Iraqi Sand

Then it was a dilute coat of the Tan Earth with some Windex to get it to flow.

Tan Wash

Finally, a thin glaze of Deck Tan to lighten the colour.

Deck Tan wash

I finally used a neutral Mig wash for the mortar lines and as a final light wash coat. I tried the dark earth wash first. Too dark.

Earth wash

I love the neutral wash and use it on everything.

Neutral wash

I painted the brick when that was dry with a mix of Vallejo burnt Cadmium red and an orange.


Brick wall

That was a tad dark compared to my prototype mill:

Fall River mill

What did we do before Google Earth!

I mixed up some orange and white oils with some turps:

Oils and turps

Orange oils wash

I daubed it on and stippled it a bit and left it all to dry.

Oil wash



I added a dark Mig wash. It will look better when dry. Promise.

Dark wash

I do prefer real glass in windows so I added glass cover slips cut with an glass scribing tool.