Glossy Walls Syndrome

I’ve fallen foul of glossy walls syndrome! The washes often dry a bit glossy:

Less glossy walls

I sprayed the ubiquitous dullcote on and I can’t say they look much better:

Glossy walls

I’m going to give them time to really cure and let the solvents dry out. Hopefully a few Mig pigments will stop any lingering glossy spots.

I’ve now a lovely pile of bits of buildings waiting for windows.

Parts of buildings

My favourite magazine arrived yesterday. Always very inspiring:

The Weathering Magazine

3 thoughts on “Glossy Walls Syndrome”

  1. Hi Kathy
    I have found that, even with Precision Paints, if you do not stir very very thoroughly for a long time, what is labelled Matt comes out glossy. Adding talcum powder to paints cuts the shine too but may affect the colour depending on which colour we are using. Ron Gager

  2. I will leave it a few days, perhaps blast with a hair drier and then have another go with Dullcote. If that fails, pigments are wonderful things!

    I’m hoping to get some windows done next so once they are in, the Dullcote is not getting sprayed around as liberally.

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