Window shopping

I managed to do a little at the weekend but then the lurgy struck and I’ve hardly been out of bed except to drag myself to work for one day. The other two I just couldn’t!

I started off by re-painting the white which had become quite mucky when I was painting the stonework etc.  You can see the difference it makes

Freshening up the white

I test fit the windows and glued them in place.

Windows in place

A Mig cold grey wash helped tie them in.

Washed windows

I added the etched brass door trim which needed some judicious filing to fit.

Door trim

I also realised I was missing 8 Grandt Line 5179 windows. I don’t gave any of those but do have some similar Tichy ones. They’ll need filing down to fit.

Missing windows

There’s loads more windows to go…

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