Happy Holiday Modelling

It’s lovely to have a few days off and get some modelling in. I’m feeling better so modelling is great recuperation…

I’ve lost track of all I’ve been up to but I’ve been cracking on through Treadwell and Ware.

I put the canal walls in place and glued them in.

Canal walls

They sit under the main mill building.

Canal walls

I put the walls under the ell too.  It’s a bit wonky do they are too to match.


I had to chop the near wall off to fit on. That’ll be a useful spare bit of wall left over.

Cut wall

The mill has an outflow for the mill race that comes out in a circular hole. It has a gate that can be opened and closed. Bob VG modelled it closed but I fancied a bit of gushing water. There are NBWs on the outside.

Canal gate

I put it in place. The wall was a bit high and I was bored of cutting foam so I melted it with ambroid, a solvent. I propped the walls with squares whilst the glue was drying.

Canal walls

Hole in place

I put a piece of card coloured black behind to block the blue out.

Card behind

I’d not cut the dam so I must do that soon but first I put on a coat of Tamiya Buff.


Here’s the first coat. More work is needed. That’s the piece of card too.


The good thing about large kits is that whilst one thing is drying you can be doing something else.

I have also been doing interiors. Ware has a raised floor with a basement so I put the floor in, added walls and interior doors where needed.

Ware interior

Ware interior

The brick extension and concrete extension interiors also got done. This is the concrete interior with a back wall. I used some cheap plastic doors I had knocking about from an old kit.

Concrete interior

This is the final result.

Floor and Interior

I put blobs of glue over the LEDs that I’m using. They’re 1.4mm x 1mm so I now buy the pre-wired versions. So much easier.


I bought some jewellery thingymajigs in the U.S. which I’m using as lightshades. I painted the interiors white and left the outsides in the bronze colour they came in.


Because I’m doing interiors with lights, it’s always good to make the roof removable. I braced the apex of the main roof with some card off cuts and then trimmed it as per the instructions with wood.

Roof braces

I always prepaint the strip wood in batches.

Trim painting

The roof underside is trimmed and there are eaves returns. The eaves wood trim is glued to the building and the rest is removable.


There’s so much strip wood that I keep a running total of how many pieces are left.

Strip wood

The next thing up was the dormers. There are fronts and sides. The sides are clapboard which Bob VG uses the best technique ever to weather. Rubber cement such as Copydex smeared on with a cocktail stick. I painted a sudgy grey base coat over the top.

Painted dormers

Painted grey

I then used masking tape to pull the rubber cement off.

Peeled wall

I would normally colour the wood first but I was being adventurous so I stripped the paint off and then weathered it with Mig Aged Wood wash.


It dries ok:

Dried wash

I trimmed the dormer fronts (don’t worry, the white will weather down).

Trimmed fronts

And then added the corner posts. I sand a lot of the corners to just even up things but you can see the difference it makes here.

Side posts

Bob VG says to glue the fronts in place on the roof and line them up. Then to put the sides in place. I did that. It didn’t work. I think the important thing is if something isn’t working for you then stop and try it a different way. This wasn’t working, the dormers were sanded to a 45 degree angle but it just wasn’t lining up. I ripped them off and am trying a different method.

It left a few rips and tears but I’m much happier.

Ripped off!

The mess afterwards:


Quite a few bits were broken but nothing that glue couldn’t fix. I sanded off any dried glue and went to plan B: gluing the dormers together on the worktop and then installing them.

Dormer side

Two sides

When they are rock solid I will sand the bottoms on line with each other.

Bottom of dormer

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  1. Coming on well Kathy. I just sold a Wills Mill Craftsman Kit I made with race, waterwheel, bridge over, and also a miller’s cottage with another bridge both painted in matching stonework.
    I wish I had known you needed one but that’s not the point. I would have had all the enjoyment denying yourself.

    1. What do you want for that (HO?) Mariposa reefer? Have I anything you need?
      Ron Billboard Reefer Man Gager

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