I added the dormers in and managed some Christmas shopping too. Not too much.

I much preferred doing the dormers this way.

Dormers in place

They line up really nicely.

Dormers in a line

I added in a grey/black interior so it wouldn’t show through the glass windows.

Painted interior

Next up were the roofs:


I realised that I hadn’t put the windows in. Not sure where that was in the instructions.

Dormer windows

I trimmed them out and then weathered them with a Mig Cold Grey wash. The one on the right has been weathered.


Here they are finished for the day.


Next up was more or less the same for the cupola. I’m not quite done yet.


This modelling can be hazardous for your help. Every time I glue something I open my glue bottle like this:

Glue bottle

Now I’ve got blisters!


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