Happy New Year

It’s a new year but the modelling continues. I’m still working on the diorama but have moved on to the Ware building.

I put some glue blobs over the LEDs and glued lamp shades in place.

Light shades

I then glued the LEDs in place on the inside of the roofs.

Extension roofs

I’ve put some rough bits of plastic into the extensions to give them some life. You can peek through the windows and see furniture. It’s difficult to take photos though!

Through the window

Through the window

Through the window

These are some of the castings I’m painting. Not sure what to do for the inside of the mills yet.

Basic bits

I finished off the cupola.


And then glued it in place.

Cupola in place

The Ware roof has loads of clerestories. It starts with a piece of card and loads of instructions!

Basic roof templates

There are some laser cut pieces which are scored to represent planks, braced,

Laser cut parts

And put under a brick to dry.

The brick

I did the same treatment as with the Treadwell dormers. They needed sanding at the top to the 45 degree angle. I started the painting with Copydex and then painted with the grey mix of Vallejo white and black grey.

Copydex and paint

When it was touch dry, I used masking tape to remove the Copydex.

Copydex removed

Finally, I used the Mig Aged Wood wash.

Mig wash

I like how it dries.

Mig wash

Mig wash

The clerestory sides are made from card with laser cut square shingles to represent asbestos.

Clerestory sides

The shingles are attached to the back using a glue tape. It’s pure glue and very easy to use for shingling.


You then turn it over and cut the triangles out. I labelled the backs as the two sides are opposite!

Shingle back

I assembled the clerestory on the worktop ensuring it was square and lined up, added the windows and trim then sides. Each clerestory then slots into a hole in the roof.

Gluing them in place

I added the roofs and then trimmed the clerestories with two layers of strip wood glued together, painted and then cut to length.


Finally, I put some neodymium magnets in place to hold the roof down.  It’s still a bit rocky so I’ll have to check again in the morning.